Head of Group:

 Dr. Angelos J. Amditis is Research Director in the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, and member of ITS Board of Directors. He is the founder and the Head of the I-SENSE Group. He is the President and one of the founding members of ITS Hellas, the Hellenic Organisation for the promotion of the implementation of ITS technologies and applications in Greece. He is also the President and one of the founding members of EuroVR, the European Association for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. He is the writer of several peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and more than 177 conference papers. His current research interests are in the fields of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ADAS, Human Machine Interfaces, Information Fusion etc.), Electromobility, Automated vehicle, Virtual Reality, Sensors for monitoring purposes, Telematics, Driver monitoring, Telecommunications systems, EMC/EMI, Electromagnetic sensors etc. He has participated in a large number of Research projects being the scientific responsible of more than eighty projects in the last 15 years and currently he is the coordinator of the following projects: FABRIC (http://www.fabric-project.eu), AutoNet2030 (http://www.autonet2030.eu/), INACHUS (http://www.inachus.eu/), SENSKIN (http://www.senskin.eu), RECONASS (http://www.reconass.eu/) and ROBO-SPECT (http://www.robo-spect.eu/).

For more information please visit:http://amditis.iccs.gr/


Technical Manager:

GiannisDr. Giannis Karaseitanidis is a researcher in the Microwaves and Fibre Optics Laboratory at ICCS. He has obtained his BSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) on 2000. His PhD (NTUA, 2006) examined interaction techniques within VEs with emphasis on tracking systems and interaction devices. His research interests are in the field of human computer interaction with emphasis on presence. He has served as a project co-ordinator or a technical manager in various ICT related European projects on behalf of ICCS. He has published a number of articles in scientific journals and conferences while he has acted as a reviewer in several journals and conferences. From 2004 he has been managing the VR lab of NTUA and has been working in the fields of HCI and tracking within VEs. From 2013 he has been appointed as the Technical Manager of the I-SENSE group.

Email: gkara@iccs.gr

Phone: +30 210772 2280

ITS Team Members

Currently the ITS group comprises twelve researchers and numerous external experts.

Smart Integrated Systems & Communication Team members

The Smart Integrated Systems & Communication Group consists of the following researchers:



Administration, Quality & DisseminationTeam Members    

The Administration, Quality and Dissemination team includes 2 Researchers / Administrative Project Managers, 3 Researchers/Communication managers as well as the I-SENSE and project secretariat:                              


VR Team Members

The Virtual and Augmented Reality team consists of the following researchers: